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Magic Ink V, Chapters 17 & 18

August 30, 2013
Posted at 5:34 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

This week's chapters open with Gwyn transferring President Jefferson and the rest of those at the meeting to the site of the Battle of Johns Creek. There are questions about it being the correct site.

Later, they are transferred back to the conference room at the President's house. Mark gives an explanation of the unit that they wish to establish. President Jefferson remarks about their education. He authorizes the formation of the unit and Mark's promotion to Major.

The following morning, Mark receives the orders creating their unit, and authorizing them to use the various facilities in addition to his commission as a Major. They then set about acquiring the people with Talent that have sensed here to join their unit.

Mark recruits two men while the others recruit several more. There is a scene at one of the units, but the Captain there has no desire to see General Greene again. The names are turned into the Chief-of -Staff, and all of the men are told where to report.

Following lunch, they return to Fort Henry with General Clark and Captain LeGras. After informing their relatives of what occurred after their departure, they all transfer to Hickory Hill to inspect it and make plans to move in. Later Mark and Seamus discuss plans for checking out the operational sites.

Enjoy these two chapters. More next Friday.

Keep Well
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