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August 17, 2013
Posted at 7:44 pm

One of my recent stories is very popular and I concluded the core block of 12 chapters just recently with a note that I would be adding 24 additional chapters as part of a novella with a UK publisher. While that is very true, I seemed to have left some readers with the impression that was not fair to leave them hanging even though my intention was to have 3 stand alone blocks of 3 separate but interconnected stories in a single novella. Rather than cause that negative feeling, I will post all 24 chapters on SOL starting with the story of the "Looters of Rule Number One is to Survive" It will be a 12 chapter story and while part of the overall Novella I caution that it has its own characters with limited overlap to the original core story and the narrative is considerably more erotic in nature mainly due to the general nature of the "Looter" persona similar to Pirates or Smugglers. The final 12 chapters will be done in October although I expect a longer time frame than originally intended as I am keeping up with almost 100 other stories. I should also note that the ending phrase of "Some things never change" will be dropped in the other two 12 chapter blocks because they were annoying some readers. So much for being cute. haha. It is strongly suggested that only adults read the "Looters" story as it contains adult material. The Looters will be many and diverse. Sort of "equal opportunity" Looters. So do not be upset if I start with Black and Hispanic groups, I will be sure to include Motorcycle gangs affiliated with the White supremacy groups and even a group of militant environmentalists who have no love for the government. I will do my best not to pick on any one group as I have no agenda in that regard. Sorry for any impression that I was "teasing" a story for profit. My satisfaction comes primarily from its popularity. HL