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Cleaning up and getting it straight

August 16, 2013
Posted at 9:50 pm

Well, I took a few days off and drove around the country with my daughter. Saw Glacier National Park and then got her on a train back to Seattle while I camp out in Northeastern Washington. It's nice out here. Quiet and I'm comfortable in my trailer.

So, in between editing another book for an author, I finally got back to "The Props Master." My daughter (also a writer) and I talked a lot about plot problems, character development, and what to do if you discover the island you claimed is inhabited by cannibals. (Her story, not mine.) Then after dropping her off to catch the train, I had 300 miles to think about my story and realized I had a real inconsistency partly caused by the various versions I'm working from. So as of today I'm through 13.5 chapters of the story cleaning up my plot holes so I can progress into part two of the story. Part one takes place primarily in Indianapolis, Indiana. Part two takes place in Northern England. Now that I have part one all consistent, I feel more confident launching into the second part. As soon as I finish chapter fourteen, I'm sending this puppy off to the editor/proofreader. We'll see if he thinks it's any good!

On another note, I've discovered that my email to all Hotmail accounts is failing to go through. Apparently Hotmail has banned mail from Excite. I'll try to get messages through to you that I haven't responded to through another email account. I'll try gmail so that at least it has my SOL name on it. If I continue to have trouble with the Excite account, I might change everything over to gmail. We'll see soon.

I'm liking the place that "The Prodigal" is right now. The painting in the chapel is going to create some conflict and Tony will have to man-up. We'll see if he can do it.

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