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FANTOCCINI (Le Marionette)

August 14, 2013
Posted at 10:41 am

The first trick, of naming the top card of each pack of cards, is a childs trick I taught my son when he was about eight. The second trick, having the Jack of hearts at the seventeenth position in an unopened deck, is a true story. A young man passing through Kansas City showed it to me so long ago, I don't remember his name. As near as I know, he is doing that trick daily, in the streets of New York. He is an amazing magician who was determined to make a living the hard way.

The last trick of Gabriella at the trade show was cobbled together, but not an unrealistic one.

I used to do it with a chop cup. A soft cloth bag with bigg tassles is opened to reveal a large shiny stainless steel cup. I used to tell a story with it using a small ball to represent a beautiful girl.

The bag is in plain view. At some point, the tassel off of the bag is under the cup. The tassel is reattached to the bag. the finale is when the whole bag and tassel is revealed under the cup.

This is much harder than the card trick described at the trade show.

For your own entertainment, look up Tom Mullica. there is a video of him "dissapearing" nine or twelve cigaretts. I have watched him from the center; each side and from behind. I could not spot how he got rid of the cigaretts. He finally showed us. He said: "Frankly I'm showing you this because I don't think anybody can do it."

FISM is the most prestigious magic contest in the world. It is held every other year in Switzerland. Tom took second or third because the judges thought he was a "freak;" that it wasn't a magic trick.

Tom didn't know whether to be insulted or estatic because the judges couldn't figure it out.

I posted this story and got on SOL an hour later to see whether it had been posted. It had a score of 7.17 after 25 downloads. Later in the day (and even now) it is down to 4.14

I am at a loss to understand what I need to do to write a good story. Some of the first ones I wrote have the highest score.