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Death Becomes Her ends, possible Audiobooks

August 11, 2013
Posted at 11:21 pm

Well, it's done.

The Ai and Taylor stories have always been a bit short, although collected together they make a rather large tale (my printed version was 450 pages before this story). This was never intended to be a large tale, just a short story with a simple theme. With luck, it works. If not, oh well. Time to move on.

What I MAY be moving on to are audio books. Why? Why not! I like them, and they would be fun to have. My current thoughts would be to have my short stories up for free, with the longer tales perhaps all available for ANY donation. Or someone could become a huge Patreon donor and make them free for all :) What I'd love to do is find some fans willing to add their voices to these stories. Have one narrater read the text, with the dialog acted out. A reader over on my mailing list has already offered his services and radio DJ experience. If anyone else is interested in helping, drop me a line. Female voices would be very helpful!