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The Final Chapter to Family Feud IV

August 11, 2013
Posted at 8:50 pm

The long awaited "Final Chapter" to my story is being reviewed.

I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to end the story.

I honestly wanted to continue describing every little detail of every moment in time. Then I would like to write the same chapter with the events from two other people's perspectives- Which I have done in this story.

However, I believe the epic deserves an ending and I am going to give you one very soon.

I've just posted the most recent chapter 48 and the one after that is the closing chapter.

I may one day revisit the Taylor Family.

I might decide to write "Ghost Chapters" describing the events in chapter 49 that didn't get the detail they deserved.

I've left the story world as a "Universe" meaning that you are more than welcome to write your own fanfiction either about the Taylor family, or a minor character int he series and take it where you want to go.

I might also decide to go back to an earlier chapter where Delilah's story gets detailed and start from there. I really liked that chapter -it was 44.

I might pick up the story after chapter 49, with the Taylor family a little further out in the future. What has happened between them? How did they reconcile their old relationship with whatever happened after? "Family Feud V"

I know I've got a story called "Hard Times" begging to be continued. I thought it was a real gem and it might be time to re-read and revisit/polish that diamond.

Domestic Discipline is one that I wrote a long time ago and it deserves a complete re-write (from the start). I have since got "WORD 2010" and it catches a lot of my spelling errors that I didn't catch back when I wrote that. It also is just a story that needs all the things I've learned to do to paint mental images since.

A fellow author wrote "Helen's Ordeal" many moons ago and I was doing a collaborative with him, but I took it down a path that wasn't where he had in mind for it. I've always wanted to revisit that story and give Helen the 'ordeal'.

I have a few other story ideas in mind as well, that I could just start fresh with.

I would appreciate your feedback and ideas for future projects.

I'd also appreciate a review to FFI, II, III and eventually IV when I get the ending posted to it.

No one has ever reviewed the stories. I think I'd prefer it if you are a fan of humiliation stories if you do the review because your first words might be "WTF?" if not.

Thanks to all the readers who encouraged me to come back and finish this story. My creative muse dried up months ago and I just couldn't write.

Thanks to all the readers who have had constructive feedback.

Thanks also to the few people who have already written 'fanfiction' with the characters - I'd encourage you to post more on SOL.