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T-minus 75 minutes and counting!

August 10, 2013
Posted at 11:49 am

Seems I've been answering email, text messages, and the phone with good wishes all morning. So gratifying to have so many friends!

The daughter just woke up and is packing. Nothing last minute! I'm eating my breakfast and thinking about what I've forgotten. I think I still need to run to Fred Meyer for a latch for one of my cabinets, but if I don't I think I can bungie it closed. Just don't want my canned goods to go flying around the trailer.

I put up a First Exit blog post early this morning and will post again this evening if you are following. This evening will include the exciting (??) departure pictures and first campsite. At ten o'clock Pacific time, the clock starts counting up instead of down. I'm still having trouble believing I've got the guts to turn the key and let the truck roll. Now we'll see if I have any staying power (or is that going power) to keep rolling. I haven't figured out yet how to orchestrate my "fictional" travel blog, but I'll get that rolling in the next month so that you can have access to both the real trip and the one I imagined in my mind. I'm not sure yet which will be most interesting!

Follow along tonight at to see where I pause along the journey.