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Did you miss me?

August 10, 2013
Posted at 10:07 am

Hello again!
Well if you are reading this you probably have noticed that i'm posting a new story.
Being that i am probably the biggest 'geek' on planet earth, this one also a fan fiction.
This time? the story is about 'The Powerpuff girls'.
Most of the skeleton for this stony was in place at or around the same time i was working on 'Tenchi Muyo' (All good things).
Being that I was just beginning my odyssey with writing at the time, somewhere along the time chapter eight of TM(AGT)I decided that I had bitten off more than I could chew. I wanted to finish one of the story's at least, so i picked Tenchi and shelved the other, and it was probably the correct choice.
Currently there are twenty seven chapters of (playtime is over) that are more or less completed. I'm in the process of editing them for posting here.
Unlike my tench story this one will see light here before it goes anywhere else.
The stories on line community has been very gracious to me. Ive even gotten positive reviews and needed feed back from individuals that only come here for erotica. What a complement that is!
Hey this post is getting a bit long winded but after such a long silence i wanted to let those that care know... The bear is back and the dreaming continues.
Thank you all.