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Almost ready for blast-off!

August 7, 2013
Posted at 12:18 pm

Well, actually, I'm nowhere near ready. If you want to read the reality of preparing to pull up stakes and become a full-time RVer, you can check out the real blog at It's just 73 hours until my scheduled departure. What am I looking forward to most? A haircut.

I've also moved "The Book of Wesley" to its own blog if you are interested in following the weekly posts. It is at Other than being the musings of a peripheral character in the upcoming The Props Master, Wesley isn't really a story and isn't related to anything I do here on SOL. And as it happens, there were a lot of real life people who wanted to access Wesley and didn't want to associate with the perverts on SOL. ;-) Church people. What can I say?

So, I've stalled a little on The Props Master, only because I've been so busy trying to get out of town. I still have a dozen things to pack in the trailer, including my grill, knives, coffee pot, and other little necessities. I'm trying to clean up all the paperwork (taxes, separation papers, account names and log-ins, etc.) before I get out of town. Added to that is a fair helping of real-world publishing for my clients that I need to finish. It's really busy and I only realized I hadn't posted on the blog here for ten days. Sorry about that.

I am glad that I got all of The Prodigal preloaded to post automatically through September 9. I also want to thank all those of you who purchased the Kindle or ePub ebook at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I actually broke into the top 10,000 books a couple of days on Kindle (not bad out of a little more than 2 million) and into the top 500 romance authors. Thank you all for showing your support by buying one of the Model Student books by Devon Layne.

I hope you enjoy the next chapter of The Prodigal. It's one of my favorites!