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Chapter 141

August 6, 2013
Posted at 1:51 pm

I had to make an interesting correction to 140. I had stated that the White House switchboard was in Alexandria, which I had read somewhere. Instead, one of my readers reported it was actually in the Old Executive Office Building, and he knew because he worked as a commo tech there under Bush 41! Fixed.

Otherwise, not a whole lot to blog about. Everybody seems to enjoy the direction I am taking the story.

A word of caution, I plan to break off for at least a month or so after the next few chapters. Once I get past the immediate 9-11 related items, I am going to have to take a creative break and do some editing. I am currently up to about Chapter 161, in 2006.

What happens when I am editing like that? Well, the writing process for me is one where I write some long strings of chapters, highlighting various important events that happen and the Carl is involved in. However, there are often small events that happen during these chapters that can be added.

For instance, suppose the Pope came to visit while Carl was the President. (No, he didn't, but supposeā€¦) I think it would be interesting to add a chapter in the middle about that, since surely Marilyn would want to meet him. Likewise, Carl can manage to do something to get in trouble, and maybe Stormy can bite the Pontiff. Lots of fun can be had!

So, while I have the broad framework laid out, and much of it is written, much more needs to be done to make for an interesting and seamless whole. Regardless, I see a major break occurring by mid-August and extending into September, which is when I take vacation anyway.

Meanwhile, enjoy 141