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Story Writing Plans

August 6, 2013
Posted at 1:44 am

So, I've actually been working on quite a few stories recently (I actually have four separate ones open in my word processor right now as I type this) so I thought I'd give a general plan for what's happening with these stories.

Birthday Blackmail (working title): I have a story that I'm working on for a competition on another site--the story will be posted sometime between August 17th and 23rd there, and a few days later here.

Mall Sodomy: Whitney's Punishment (or Mall Sodomy 1.5 as I think about it in my head) is still in progress, currently at 10 typed pages and I haven't even gotten to the sodomy yet (gasp, I know).

I have a series of stories called "Keeping on the Team" which has not yet been ported over to StoriesOnline, mostly because the series isn't done, and the time delay betwen chapters where it is posted has been long--I don't want that to happen here. That being said, Keeping on the Team Chapter 3 is in progress for about the 5th time. I know what's happening in this chapter, plus the next two, I'm just having difficulty writing this chapter in a way I like. I even just deleted another draft completely the other night. Sigh.

Welcome to College: Becky's Freshman Year--That's right, WtC is getting a sequel--done in a little bit different of a style than I normally work in, but covering 9 months in a short story will be tough without it.

Welcome to College 3--I'm not giving away the title
for spoilers, but yes there are 2 WtC stories coming.

Mall Sodomy 2--the real sequel is on indefinite hold. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean I'm not working on writing it and don't have amazing ideas for it, but it's just become a lot bigger than I ever imagined it would plot wise and the way it ties together several stories. Also, it won't be called Mall Sodomy 2, it's going to get a different title completely (yes, I know what the title is, no I won't tell you). Obviously the other big hint is that Mall Sodomy 2 serves as a sequel to most of my stories.