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Working on a New Short

August 5, 2013
Posted at 5:53 pm

I've been working on a new short story. Well, I say short, I think it might come in around the 10-11k word mark. It's about half done, and I'm confident I'll be able to send it out into the world soon. Don't want to give you anymore details about it than that really just yet. I want to get it ready for consumption before I tell people too much about it.

What I will say is that this is the first 'short' story I've written since Ruthie's Club closed down, it'll be the first one to be released as an eBook before showing up on StoriesOnline (which it will), and it'll be, hopefully, the first of a new series in the same ilk as the "Ladz Local Lovelies" series. That is to say, a series of shorts on a similar theme but each one featuring new and unique characters.

Or I might make the series about this same set of characters and their "adventures". I really haven't decided yet. And, let's be honest, I should finish the first one and see how its received first.

It has been an interesting experience writing this short though after spending so long writing novels (it's been the best part of five years now). It's a totally difference mentality to a short. And, obviously, you have a much shorter word count to tell the story in. But I'm doing it as a 'break' from working on "A Tortured Soul". I really want to nail the ending of this novel and the best way to do that might be to come at it afresh. And what better way to keep the creative juices flowing while stepping away from a project than to work on a short (or two)?

Hopefully, I'll have something to show for this work and be ready to post it soon.