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Chapter 139

July 30, 2013
Posted at 3:55 pm

It was pointed out that the first four Cabinet positions were not created in the Constitution, but by George Washington. Minor point, but accurate. Fixed.

Several people wanted me to delay Carl being sworn in as President. In one case, if Carl delays long enough, he can run for reelection twice. Mind you, a constitutional argument could be made that his term of office began when he became the Acting President, but I'm not a lawyer. In another case, the argument was that the end of the week was too soon for people to accept. My response is that nature abhors a vacuum. For right or wrong, leaving Carl as the Acting President denies him legitimacy, and makes him into a caretaker. Somebody else, probably from Congress or the Cabinet, is going to move to seek political power at his expense. No, he needs to nip that in the bud immediately.

A reader pointed out that General Meyers actually had the temerity to spell his name Myers. Fixed.