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"Cate's chapter"

July 29, 2013
Posted at 9:18 pm

Chapter 15 (of book 1) is an interesting chapter. I wrote it after I first stated getting feedback from when I originally posted the story. It was in response to the negative reactions that I was getting to Cate's character. At first I thought they were judging her a little unfairly, as I also got responses from readers who had sisters, daughters or girlfriends who seemed to relate well to Cate. But either way, I knew I had to do something about her character before I lost a lot of readers. (People REALLY disliked her).

This chapter provided the first real insight into Cate's personality, motivations and personal drives, and while it didn't win over any of her foes, it at least gave me more leverage to continue (and I did another 'revamp' attempt in Book 2).

After some time, though, I got a more complete picture of the problem. Cate's problem was the multiple roles I was casting her in. As the 2nd figure in a story about Alex, she was his main support, his biggest defender, his theoretician (who explained all the boring scientific details), and the sole cautionary voice in the story.

In short, I'd given her too many roles, many of which were contradictory. You can't be supportive if you jump on everything thing the hero does in the story. Unfortunately, once I set her on this path, it was difficult to pull back without having to explain her personality change.

I continue to wrestle with her (as you'll see in the final book 6), but I never quite reconciled the initial problems with her character. But see for yourself, and let me know what you think of her after all this time.