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Catalyst Book 3

July 26, 2013
Posted at 5:50 pm

The next sequel to "The Catalyst", "Normalcy Is Harder Than It Looks", is nearly done. I've posted some updates about it on my website, but continue to get inquiries, so I figured I'd address it here as well.

"Normalcy" is the longest book of the entire series (29 chapters), and while I tried to leave it 'as is', I find myself revising quite a bit of it.

It's essentially done now (one editor has a couple more chapters to go), but the big holdup, as usual, is the book cover. I like to do them myself, and for this one I had a particular scene in mind--one that I couldn't find any stock imagery for.

Since I used my nephew for the cover of the first Catalyst, and it worked so much better than the more generic stock imagery, I decided to use him again. However, the problem is he lives across the country, so I had to get my sister to take the photos for me. As you can imagine, trying to get someone to capture your creative desires via phone calls can be complicated. I'm trying to schedule 4 people to all work together.

However, I think I managed to make some progress today. I used someone else (my ex) to pose for some 'demonstration shots'. Hopefully now we can get the final images done. If so, I should be able to get "Normalcy" released by the time I start posting Book 2 (which ends this next week).

Just as an aside, I'll take a week off after Book 1 finishes. Getting a break from 3 postings a week is appreciated (twice a week and a duplicate Saturday posting for ASSTR).