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No Such Thing as Bad Feedback

July 26, 2013
Posted at 7:34 am

I've gotten feedback, both positive and negative, to Chapter 11.

Well, no, not really negative, since they still like the story but not the B&D action. I can understand their perspective and appreciate it. The fact that they take the time to let me know what they think is what really matters. There is no such thing as bad feedback, unless it is anonymous and says nothing useful, such as "can't stand your shit." I don't see much of that.

So far only two readers have actually taken issue with the material, and they admit they just skim through it to get to the real meat of the story of how Dee saves The Program. That makes sense, as I only used the B&D segments as a framework for her flashbacks.

One thing I try to make clear is that Dee subs willingly. For her it is an escape from the stresses of "real life." She can abandon herself to being under someone else's control and, as she says "I really think some wires got crossed when I was assembled, because I can't tell whether it's pleasure or pain."

Regardless, I suspect any further mention of this particular perversion of hers will be brief and the action off-stage.

I love your feedback, and want your honest opinions.

On another note, I've also garnered a few more votes, which I also appreciate. As a result, my cumulative score is back over 8. My thanks to those who take the time to vote.

And as someone used to say on some old radio or TV show, "Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!"

My thanks to all who read my humble efforts, and especially those who take the time to vote or send feedback.