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Version Control

July 25, 2013
Posted at 6:12 pm

I'm having a great time working on my next story, The Props Master. It really takes me back to 1969. The sex, the drugs, the rock and roll. And magic. It was a magical time.

So I started writing this, according to my records, in 1982. When I started this new version, I was working from a January 2008 draft. Seven chapters in, I discovered that I hadn't finished rewriting it in 2008, and I was suddenly in a draft from April 1986. Well, I thought that wasn't so bad. It would all be consistent from her on. But apparently I never finished the rewrite in '86, either. Just finished Chapter Thirteen and suddenly I'm at Chapter 20 in my October 1985 draft. And, of course, I discarded all previous drafts, so I have no idea what the continuity used to be for this section.

Well, I know the story (having been there) and I'm not worried about getting it finished in time to post in September, but I'm having to invent more stuff and make up some backstory for a few things that I know were in an earlier draft. Here's hoping for better version control on this one!

Of course, you are deep in The Prodigal, so I won't interrupt your reading any further. Thanks to those of you who bought the eBook and pushed me to the top 8,500 on Kindle. Really, that's not bad out of 2,500,000! You can find all my books on Kindle and Nook by searching for Devon Layne.