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A new editor, and comparing hate magnet stories

July 21, 2013
Posted at 7:54 pm
Updated: July 21, 2013 - 7:55 pm

First, let's all welcome my new editor, Packrat. He'll be getting his first solo gig as soon as I write something, but you can see if he missed anything in the new short A Flip of Faith. That story, I must say, is getting an interesting reaction. I honestly did NOT expect anyone to hate it. My previous two stories, yes, I expected low scores and few readers. Only 400 or so on SOL finished Where Friendship Leads, which I'm not sure if I should blame on the gay sex or on my just being in a low audience funk just then. The final Bells story didn't get that many more either, and was coming out at the same time. Friendship DOES at the moment have a slightly higher score than Flip, despite having literally 1/7th the readership.

So, what have these two stories, plus A Servant of Wisdom, taught me?

Nobody reads male/male stories, where as they WILL read religious stories both pro and con. That's the amusing thing: Flip of Faith, in the end, is pro God. I still want to know if the 1's are coming from annoyed atheists, or Christians who didn't finish it or are still pissed about the last one. Tell me, people!

I have two possible stories for the near future. One is my take on a "person wakes up as a younger self" tale. Another... well, it involves a Red Thing. Readers of a certain series may recognize that reference...