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What am I reading and writing?

July 21, 2013
Posted at 1:50 pm

Every once in a while, I take a look at the stories I've finished and those I'm reading and try to figure out if there is anything worth passing along. I do a lot of reading professionally as well, so I'll pass a couple of those along as well. First on SOL:

Stories I've recently finished:
Combat Wizard by GraySapien. Good story. Different than your standard wizard story. Good insights into the mind of those with mental powers.

Sheriff Porter by carniegirl. Sad to see this end, but it is set up for a sequel pretty soon. According to her blog, she plans to take a break for a while, but I've got about 400 chapters yet to go in Maxine's New Life. I had to pause on that one until Porter was finished because I kept getting them confused. Sadly, even the "edited" version on her blog is rife with misspellings and copy/paste errors. But it's still a compelling story.

A Servant of Wisdom by Invid_Fan. Invid always has an interesting take on things and this story was in no way disappointing. Being steeped in Judeo-Christian mythology from an early age, I got a pleasant surprise from the twist ending. Good read.

Baker's Dozen by Richmond Road. A nice if improbable coming of age story set in the late sixties or seventies in England. It's followed by the currently active serial, Learning Together and is a nice pastime.

El Paso - Joe J. by Joe J. This was a hell of a good read and got me started on several other time-shift westerns. Wish Joe had finished the proposed and started sequels. Close parallel with a shift to visiting the future was Muleskinner Blues. There was a brief intersection of the two stories at the end.

Wizard - A Love Story by MisguidedChild. This is a fun read with a baby as the lead character. The ancient battle of good and evil taking place in the 80s in Arizona. Currently, Megan Enraged - Book 2 of Wizard - a Love Story is keeping the action and the suspense going as a second baby wizard enters the scene.

Other current reads on SOL:
Somewhere in Time - A Trip to Waco by MattHHelm. This has been a good read and I just got caught up to where he's currently posting. A mix of time-travel and harem building in the 1870s. A time where the good guys could indiscriminately kill all the bad guys they came across and acquire their possessions.

Sibling Magus by TechnicDragon. This is the third in this series (New Magus and Child Magus) and frankly it's just getting interesting. The first two were so much like Master PC that it has taken a while to get to a new plot. Unfortunately, TechnicDragon is only posting about once a month, so remembering where you are in the story can be a challenge.

An Ordinary College Sex Life 3 by bluedragon is addictive, but stopping in the middle and saying this is the end of an arc and would be continued later (unspecified date) kind of ticked me a little. I thought we were going to get to the fulfillment of the story, but we didn't even get to the point of the prologue yet. I'm sure he'll be along again soon. Another case of needing to write it before he can post it. What's with that, anyway?

The Legend of Eli Crow by JRyter. This has been a great read with huge insights into the Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in the late 1800s. Not time travel. The whole story is set then. JRyter says that some of the story is based on things his grandfather told him about the time. Very good historical data backing up the storyline.

Jake's Dream Come True by BillyRay. A nice twist on the Mind Control theme, but the dream pretty much turned into a nightmare at chapter 16 and there have been some pretty gruesome chapters since then. This is updating about once a week and it's sometimes painful between posts.

A Flawed Diamond by Jay Cantrell. Jay has long been a favorite author on SOL and this story doesn't disappoint. Jay had a pretty aggressive posting schedule for a while and then real life interfered and caused a few gaps. Unsure what the regularity will be, but I know he's getting a lot of help from his editors and fans. The story is a great mix of sports (baseball and soccer), Hollywood, repression, and love. Every character has a flaw and putting them together really makes for a dynamic environment.

John and Kathy by Old Trucker. Updates for this story are slow in coming and don't move the story very far. Good characters and lots of potential, but it's taken four months to get 12 chapters.

Lady in Red by Harddaysknight. This is not one of his Beatles song themed stories and has been a good read. It seems he's having summer trouble getting things posted as well. No updates for a month and the story is a long way from finished in my mind.

What I'm reading professionally:
Just finished and saw through to production two non-fiction books.
Expecting Kindness by Kristin Dibeh. This is a full course of training for expectant parents wanting a natural childbirth. Richly illustrated and sometimes highly opinionated. Wish I'd read this twenty years ago!

A Nickel's Worth by Mark Sawyer. Released this week, this is a biography of Captain Bob Nickel, hard-living sailor of the seven seas whose spiritual journey took him further than his ships. Interspersed through the book are scenes from the Captain's last weeks and transcripts of his satsangs as an Advaitic guru. A good read.

Currently editing:
The Shiva Paradox by Mark Sawyer. Temple Cook never expected his loyalty to a female guru in Seattle to lead to a death sentence. He flees across India searching for the meaning of life as five men intent on his death pursue him. Will probably be released by September.

Currently writing:
The Props Master by aroslav. A theatre major in Indianapolis in 1968 is caught up in a world of witchcraft and wizardry as one misunderstanding leads to multiple witches attempting to "help" in his initiation. All he really wants to do is hook up with his sword-wielding girlfriend. Or his sociology professor. Or the doughnut lady. Hell. He wasn't intending to start a tornado! This book will be posted on SOL starting late in September. Then the paperback and eBook will be out by the end of the year. I still haven't figured out, though, which author name it will have on it!

Oh yeah. And this blog. I try to update every few days, but things have been so busy getting ready for my big roadtrip next month that I get a little behind. Thank goodness The Prodigal is all written and preloaded to post twice a week until September 9. Don't forget that if you are impatient, the eBook version is now available on Kindle and Nook. by Devon Layne.