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Chapter 136

July 19, 2013
Posted at 12:46 pm

For the nitpickers on 135: It would be Cheney as Secretary of State who would have chewed on the Nicaraguans about the warrant. Bush might be President but Cheney would have the State Department make it work.

I received a couple of notes that after 18 months Charlie would have made it to E3, Lance Corporal. In my defense, I reply that I had earlier received a note that he wouldn't have made it by then, but would certainly make Lance by the end of his first hitch. I am leaving it as it is. By the next time we see Charlie, he will be a Lance.

Quite a few readers have wondered how much influence Carl will have on Bush. Some have envisioned him being the eminence grise, the power behind the throne. The role of Vice President has varied greatly in the last century. John Nance Garner was one of FDR's Veeps, and he described the office as 'not worth a bucket of warm piss', usually euphemized as 'spit.' FDR changed his VP candidates twice, and never had much use for them. Truman wasn't even told about the atomic bomb until after being sworn in as President. Likewise, JFK and Johnson despised each other, and Johnson was cut out of most things. On the other hand, Cheney and Biden were (are) highly trusted advisers and intermediaries. Cheney eventually fell out of favor, but he had a long run pulling Bush's strings.

For those who think I am being too hard on Bush 43, sorry, but every interview and report I have read on the man shows he was not intellectually gifted. Even some of my readers have met him, and agree with that. He had wonderful political instincts, a photographic memory for names and faces, and could schmooze with the best of them. Otherwise, he really didn't know the difference between a Gentlemen's C and a real C, and thought the degrees his father bought him were earned.

And finally, for everyone who wondered if the twins were going to show up any more, you are getting your wish, in spades!