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New Story and Desire to finish other older ones

July 17, 2013
Posted at 10:30 pm

I wrote a new story over the last few weeks and it has just finished posting - "Before Need - Dark Temptations"

This has been a bit enlightening to me. I usually read a story ten or fifteen times before it gets posted and this one is no exception. However, I read it as it was posting (good thing because I posted the same text for two chapters) but I read some notes from another author and then searched for feedback or good examples.
What I found made me feel that my descriptions were inadequate to describe what I believed I had written. So I sat down one night and rewrote the entire first chapter. I have edited it sufficiently to feel it is much better since it doesn't rely as much on the reader's imagination to fill in the action.
Originally I thought that might enhance the reader's enjoyment, however, I found I was filling in my own thoughts even though I had written the story.
I have not completed re-writing all the chapters, I am deep into Chapter 3 when Rick travels to Colton's for the first time. So far I have doubled the words in each of the first two chapters.
I do not know when I will start posting the new chapters or whether I should post them as a 'new' story. Sooner or later they will be posted.
I hope you enjoy my stories. And I am working to finish a couple of them. One - "Mom's New Boyfriend" only has one more chapter to finish it, but, it is more difficult to write because visualizing the changes is difficult to put to words.
Thanks Prac T Cal