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Big news for the impatient!

July 15, 2013
Posted at 12:39 am

Well, the whole book The Prodigal is finished and edited and uploaded to SOL. I actually went back and took down chapters that I'd preloaded a month ago and reloaded the edited versions. Might as well make the story as good as I can. The finished version is 30 chapters long! So instead of making you suffer for 16 more weeks, I've loaded the remaining chapters to post twice a week starting this week. Chapters will now post on Mondays and Thursdays!

I follow a lot of in-progress serials on SOL and couldn't help but notice that a lot of them are posting infrequently or are on a short break this summer. So here I am to fill the void. That means that The Prodigal will officially conclude on September 9.

What's that grumbling I hear? How many of you are so impatient that you are already writing a response that says "I have to wait till September?" Okay. I do listen. If you are really, really impatient, the full story has now been released on both Nook ( and Kindle ( Of course, neither one is DRM protected, so you can play them on almost any device or reading program. You just have to buy them. That's only if you are impatient, mind you. The whole story is being posted here on SOL. Two chapters a week. Enjoy!

If you choose to buy the eBook because you are just too impatient to wait, or because you just want to generously support the author who gives this stuff away for free, you should know that the chapters in the eBook are not the same as the chapters here on SOL. Today, July 15, 2013, Chapter 14 posts on SOL. In the eBook, this is equivalent to chapter 28 in the eBook. You might have to hunt around to find your place in the reading when you switch versions.

So there you have it. Good news for everyone. The whole story has been cued up at SOL to post twice a week from here on out. AND if you are impatient, you can get the eBook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. No delayed gratification here. Thanks for all your support!