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Are We Nearly There Yet?

July 4, 2013
Posted at 11:26 am

I made a couple of tweets yesterday after doing my regular check of the progress of A Tortured Soul. Normally, after finishing a chapter I make a note of its word count and add it to a spread sheet with the word count of all the other chapters to keep a running total. This is because the document I'm working on contains more than just the story text, so I can't just use the global word count feature.

Screenshots of the tweets appear on my external blog but the gist of them was that I've now completed 20 chapters of A Tortured Soul and at an average of four and a half thousand words per chapter, that takes the word count up to over ninety-eight thousand words. And given that I've still got a good portion of the book to write, and even allowing for an editing process where I'll add a bunch of stuff and delete a bunch of stuff too, this mean that the book will break the one hundred thousand word mark.

And, for me, that will be a first.

The important thing is though, that we really are "nearly there". Yes, I've got a fair bit of writing to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this book. And no, it's not an oncoming train.

P.s. This post first appeared on my external blog, where I've made a number of other posts recently, some writing related, some not.