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July 3, 2013
Posted at 7:58 pm

Servant of Wisdom, chapter 11

This just came out of editing, so you're getting your one chapter for the week. Enjoy.

The readership numbers are interesting. We're up to just under 1600, almost a doubling of what I was getting when chapter 8 posted. In fact, at the moment chapter 9 has a few hundred more views than chapter 8, indicating new readers who had bookmarked the story for the first time there. As I think I said, these are the best numbers since at least Magic of Life, if not The Bells of Home. I'm happy.

A new short story has entered my mind, and will be played around with. It involves coin flips, talking to Jesus, and purity rings. Maybe :)

To all Americans, have a happy Independence Day. To everyone else, have a happy Independence from America Day!