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Servant of Wisdom, chapter 11

July 3, 2013
Posted at 7:58 pm

This just came out of editing, so you're getting your one chapter for the week. Enjoy.

The readership numbers are interesting. We're up to just under 1600, almost a doubling of what I was getting when chapter 8 posted. In fact, at the moment chapter 9 has a few hundred more views than chapter 8, indicating new readers who had bookmarked the story for the first time there. As I think I said, these are the best numbers since at least Magic of Life, if not The Bells of Home. I'm happy.

A new short story has entered my mind, and will be played around with. It involves coin flips, talking to Jesus, and purity rings. Maybe :)

To all Americans, have a happy Independence Day. To everyone else, have a happy Independence from America Day!