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Differences between the Revision and the Original

July 3, 2013
Posted at 7:11 pm

Several readers have asked or commented on the differences between the original story and the more recent revision of my "Catalyst" series. So I've created a sample. I did a comparison with WORD and save it as a pdf document so it can be read by those who don't own MS Office, and it shows the original document with the old text marked out, the new changes highlighted and the formatting changes marked.

It can be found here:
(sorry but you'll have to cut and paste it into your browser, since the SOL Blog doesn't allow active links.)

Basically, I left the essential story elements, dialogues and descriptions intact, but cleaned up the language, added 'flavor' to help show everyone's motivations, and cleaned up the more confusing segments.

However, note just how MANY changes I made to the first chapter. The entire story increased substantially in size, which is one reason why I split the books up from 4 to 6, trying to keep each at around 20+ chapters (though Book 3 is now 27 chapters).