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MFS2 Chapter 7 (A Bit Early)

July 3, 2013
Posted at 4:43 pm
Updated: July 3, 2013 - 5:24 pm


I still haven't even heard back from all of my proofreaders, but I decided that since I will be away where I won't have regular Internet access, I would post it early rather than late.

I'll ask that people bear with me. When I hear back from all my proofreaders, I'll post a corrected version of Chapter 7 next week.

The only down part of submitting Chapter 7 early, it may delay Chapter 8 slightly. I will post when I know more.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful feedback and comments!

Edit: I just sent a corrected version of Chapter 6 (just fixing a couple minor technical issues). There are no plot changes.