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Update on Harry Lime Stories

June 29, 2013
Posted at 6:48 pm

The first thing I wanted to mention is that a number of my stories have been put on various sites like Amazon and other e-book publishers with small collections of erotic stories. I also have a publisher called "Chimera Publishers" in the UK. They have several stories also up for sale on their site.
All of the e-book published stories have been edited and revised to make minimum ages of all characters 18 and also to delete all reference to "Incest".
I should also note that all stories written after signing this contract follow that general guideline even though they have not been sent for publication as yet. The only exception to this are stories written in a "Historical Romance" or a "Contemporary Romance" genre.
I will add sequels written to the original stories already on Storiesonline site as quickly as possible. Also I will place a number of new stories on the site just to get a reaction to the storylines.
One storyline called "A Weed in the Garden" has been temporarily paused because of the Terrorist elements. It is primarily humorous erotica but there are some areas that might be inappropriate because of current conditions in the London area.
One story that I will put on this site is in the "Steampunk" genre. It has been combined with "Erotica" to make it a new genre of "Steampunk Erotica" It is finished and is in 4 separate chapters.
One last thing I should mention is that I will post a "Spy" genre story which has the first 10 chapters completed called "The Accidental Spy" It is a first effort in this genre and has a lot of flaws. I will also post a number of non-erotic short stories for the "Young Adult" genre. They vary in all scenarios and are intended for early teen audience.