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Crossing timelines--again

June 26, 2013
Posted at 1:03 pm
Updated: June 26, 2013 - 1:05 pm

Well, if you--like me--waste some of your valuable time looking up interesting facts that appear in stories, you might have noticed some anomalies in the past couple of months. Things like the Lucite cube not having been used at the Ektelon Racquetball National Championships this year, or Rocky Carson having fallen to Kane Wasselenchuk (again). I think I explained once before that the timeline between the story and when I was writing it crossed a few months ago.

That whole thing of looking up facts is something I do frequently, especially if writers are fairly specific about directions and locations. I think reading DualWriter's "Florida Friends" got me started on it because by the time I finished reading it I felt like I knew the entire Tampa Bay area. Now I'm looking forward to traveling through the area on my trip (probably in Feb or Mar).

Back to timelines, July 1st is the next significant date as that is when the timeline you read in the story crosses reality. Which means the rest of the story is all happening in the future. I'm especially interested in what happens at the World Games in July as I made a really bold prediction. We'll see.

One of the things I've often done is check the weather in the locations I write about to see whether it rained on a particular day, or how hot it was. That played significantly in the writing of "Triptych" part two when painting outside was a challenge for Tony. On the other hand, if I need rain on a particular day or night, like the incredible thunderstorm that is brewing for September 17 this year, I just make it happen. Great power to authors.

Well, that's a bit of something light as I know the story has been a little heavy lately. Chapter 12 is better--a little. I promise.