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So Sorry

June 22, 2013
Posted at 1:32 pm

I'm sorry to say that I'm not able to get to the library very often to read my emails there. I'm using the computer of an acquaintance to get into sol for this blog as the library blocks adult sites.

Anyway, I have decided to save for a NEW cheap laptop instead of fiddling with all of these broken machines--I now have four pieces of junk that don't work. Soooooo I will not be able to write until that purchase. The problem is that real life keeps kicking me in the butt with medical and car expenses, therefore I have no idea when I'll be able to return to writing.

Please keep good thoughts for me and thanks for being faithful. I have ideas that are bubbling in my brain so maybe I'll try writing them out long hand.

Best wishes to all of my fans,
The Mage