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June 18, 2013
Posted at 10:33 pm

The Legend of Eli Crow - Part Four - The Young Bucks

The Legend of Eli Crow - Part Four - The Young Bucks

Chapter 54:

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While Eli is on his trip to Washington, D.C. the
Young Bucks take it upon themselves to patrol
the homes, the loading facilities and the perimeter
of Crow Ridge Cattle Ranch.

They aren't intimidated one bit as they encounter
a fancy dressed young dude from Texas, who rides
across the Arkansas River inquiring about a Half-
Breed United States Marshal by the name of Eli Crow.

The Young Bucks aren't the least bit afraid either,
when the young Texan threatens them, talking his
big talk as he sneers down at them.

Later, after vowing to return, the Texas dude leaves,
with the Young Bucks unsure of the feelings each of
them just experienced for the first time in their lives.

Little Eli is elected to ask one of the women about
the lack of fear each of them felt while face to face
with a situation that could have easily become deadly.