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Inching back to 1,000

June 15, 2013
Posted at 8:31 pm

For the first time since The Magic of Life, a serialized story looks like it will break the 1,000 reader barrier.

Part of this, most likely, is the slight increase in posting frequency. Two chapters a week builds an audience, and I've been doing three chapters every two weeks. My fan base may also be recovering from past "abuse", as the ending to Magic of Life seemed to be. Or it could just be the weather, who knows. I do know the negative voting continues, with more 1's. Understandable given the subject matter, although interestingly not one person has written to say what exactly they're objecting too. I'm very tempted to make Zak one of Tom's wives, just to see if the score goes up or down with that addition.

The score of the majority, though, is a solid 8. Fair enough. You're all waiting for things to get to the destination the story is clearly pointing to, and I expect the score to jump up or down once I get there. I'm going to start jumping ahead, time wise. I'm as interested in getting there as you are.