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Castaway Island

June 7, 2013
Posted at 9:49 pm

Well, with hearty thanks to Turbo and PawWriter, Castaway Island is finally published.
Presently there is only a PG13 version available and it's not here. The XXX version will be posted here as Lazeez seems to be the only publisher that allows legal, true, coming of age stories that include teen love.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't 18 when I discovered sex... but then I'm a child of the 60's and lived through the "Summer of Love" in San Francisco...

Castaway Island is my first real dive into Science Fiction. I don't generally read it. I don't watch it and I've never really been a fan, but I have to say it was a kick in the ass to write this one. I may just do it again. AND it may be a spinoff of Castaway Island.
I won't say more than that at this point.

The sequel to "These Girls Can Play" is mostly done. I'm calling it "It's All Over But The Shouting".
When I read it through I got this niggling feeling that there was something missing - it is PG13, so yeah, rod A into slot B is missing...I want it to be the last "Girls" story, so I want it complete.
I'm sending it off to at least one reviewer in Australia (hopefully 2, but I haven't heard back from #2 yet).
I want to make sure the "Strine" (Aussie slang) that I used is accurate and in the proper context. I don't want it so bad that readers who are not Aussies can't figure out what the hell is going on. I know they have some very unique phrases and I love it. I also want it to be right...

For instance, what do you think "chinwagin'" is? Or perhaps, "Oldies"? Or how about "Technicolor yawn"? Things like that...Chinwagin' is chatting, oldies equates to parents, and technicolor yawn... I'll let you look it up -- think about it for a moment and you'll figure it out - it's also known as a "liquid laugh"... okay? Capiche? 8-).

Okay...The original Girls is being re-written as well. There needs to be a version that's PG13 to match the sequel. Girls II wasn't written as XXX, but the original will remain here.

I'm going to have to talk to Lazeez about doing the same kind of thing that my friend Robert Lubrican has done. Available in the premier member section after a short period of general availability. Just the commercial releases.
I would like to continue supporting SOL!!! But I'm also publishing for $$ these days. Much to his credit, it appears that Lazeez has embraced each!! Sites such as this are important for fledgling authors, like me, to get their work out of the thumb drive. It's the only "Free" site I post to anymore.

I know it's a long time between my blog postings, but I've been busy (I also have ADD, so when I'm on a focus -- don't interrupt me!!). You want me writing here on a blog or writing my work?

A big thanks to everyone who's reading and supporting those of us who enjoy doing this thing!