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Where am I? What am I doing?

June 3, 2013
Posted at 9:14 am

I look at the last month and realized that I had not gotten far in writing. Of course real-life as always took a role in that as my boss decided to leave and seek new opportunities, which meant I got to spend 2 weeks with a boss brought out from one of our sister companies and then to start training my new boss (my sixth boss in 3 years, my company has a really nice stability rating. NOT!)

I also have been running into one problem that some other writers might understand. While I do try to focus on finishing Crisis, I still have ideas bubbling around in my head and sometimes one will force it's way to the forefront of my mind. At that point I usually take the time to at least write out an outline or plot summary. It does mean that I stop work on Crisis for a few days while the new idea is sorted out.

But I have not completely given up. It just that I don't want to add more chapters and then stop again. My goal is to have the next time I start posting for Crisis be the last. That means I have to write a few more chapters. I do plan on working on that in the coming weeks, along with the 20+ other ideas that seem to have percolated through my brain in the last year.

To anyone who is impatiently waiting, I do apologize. Sadly, I'm not the world's greatest at finishing projects. :(