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Is it really a whole year...?

June 2, 2013
Posted at 9:31 pm
Updated: June 3, 2013 - 4:11 am

Well, I guess it is. I've been busy working on another story, but I've decided, after the damp squib that was IAITM, that I'm not going to post this one until it's finished. The working title is Angel's Wood, and that will probably survive.

Apart from that, I've still been reading; too much probably! I'm still getting irritated by what, to me, seem to be elementary mistakes. Either the American schools system is worse than I thought, or this type of site only attracts people with a less than perfect grasp of English. (By English, I mean proper English, like wot I speak, and Amerenglish, like wot most of you lot speak!)

A case in point is the difference between 'insure' and 'ensure'. Now I know that you 'insure' a car, or your home, and you 'ensure' that something happens. Sadly, there are a lot of SoL authors who don't. 'Piqued' and 'peeked' are another one, or 'rein', 'rain', and 'reign', I won't mention 'your', and 'you're' (Oooops!). These are called 'homophones' folks, and the context should tell you where to use which, when they're wrong, they drive your readers nuts!

Anyway, I'm off back to Angel's Wood, and while I'm not doing that, I have a head-shaped hole in my wall, that I'm trying to enlarge.

PS: The past participle of 'drag' is 'dragged' not 'drug'. Drug is something you get from a pharmacy, or the seedy little man on the corner!