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Girls with pony tails

June 2, 2013
Posted at 8:39 pm

I'm not a perv--usually--but I do appreciate some of the finer things in life. Girls with pony tails are among those.

We've had two sunny days in Seattle which is reason to celebrate in and of itself. But as I was driving to a friend's house yesterday morning my route took me next to a pedestrian trail and it ran parallel for about five miles. About every 400 yards, I passed a girl or woman running along the pedestrian way. Without exception these young women all had their hair in pony tails. As they ran, the swaying hair kept time with their footsteps swinging left then right.

Blondes, redheads, brunettes, one with a shocking pink, and even a couple with gray hair. One was pushing a baby jogger ahead of her. Two were a little overweight and their butts bounced twice for every step they jogged. Some were pretty; some weren't particularly so. Some were fit hard bodies, others were working on it.

Each--no matter the age or shape--wore spandex or lycra shorts that showed the exact shape of the parts it clung to. Most ran in either a crop-top or just a sports bra.

On the second sunny day (today) I went to the local mall to get some groceries and books. In addition to the pony tails, there were shorts. Of course, several mothers with their teen or preteen daughters wore sensible golf-type shorts, full legs nearly to the knees. Their daughters were more likely to be in gym shorts. Between the two there were shorts of all lengths and legs of all shapes.

With the temperature just at 70 degrees and the sun shining, Seattle is a beautiful city. Especially the scenery that only comes out in the summer.

Man, I love girls (women, old ladies, etc.) with pony tails and shorts.