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Catayst Series restarted with "An Unknown Attraction"

May 29, 2013
Posted at 4:03 pm

After talking about it for so long, I've finally started posting my Catalyst series. As you may have noticed, I've made a few changes--mainly in the name of the first book. If I've done the revisions correctly, hopefully you won't notice any changes, but I hope it reads more smoothly and it's been filled out a lot more.

I'll post this book (16 chapters) once a week, but I'll decide how I'll handle the rest once I see how much demand there is for this one. If there's a big demand for the rewrite, then I'll do the same to each subsequent book, if not, then I'll save everyone time and just post the other books as they were twice-a-week, leading up to the never seen conclusion.

In order to make each 'book' a little easier to manage, I've repacked the entire series, trying to keep each book to around twentysome chapters. That's made it a six book series instead of the four it was planned for originally.

A brief note about the initial posting: the Prologue is basically only a teaser, to give the readers an advance insight into what's going on, so they can nudge the characters towards understanding what's going on. I'd have posted the Prologue with Chapter 1, but SOL has a strange rule that anything posted in a 3 day period gets listed under "New" stories, and most of my loyal fans look for my stories under the "Series Update" instead. So I'll post the first chapter this Saturday (June 1).

I'm putting the finishing touches on the eBook, so that will be available soon.