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May 29, 2013
Posted at 5:34 am

'The Legend of Eli Crow - The Young Bucks'

I have submitted for posting, Chapter 51

'The Legend of Eli Crow - The Young Bucks'

After their harrowing experience with dangerous
predators, the Young Bucks remove the carcasses
from the campsite and dispose of them on the
burning beaver dam.

Before they leave at daylight the next morning,
they set charges of dynamite along the remainder
of the old beaver dam.

Close to midday they arrive at the Barkley
brothers ranch where they warm by the fire,
feed and water their animals, and eat a hot
meal themselves before heading out toward
Crow Ridge.

Their arrival at Crow Ridge was met by all
the family members as they celebrated the
homecoming of the young hunters.

Life on Crow Ridge would almost return
to normal!