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Taking license (otherwise called lying)

May 27, 2013
Posted at 10:28 am
Updated: October 29, 2013 - 3:04 pm

Authors routinely take license when they write. What that means is they say things that are not true. Or maybe they suggest something happens that is almost impossible.

There are reasons for doing this, but I'm not going to get into that right this instant. For now, just understand that sometimes authors do that on purpose.

And sometimes, when they do, readers object. What follows is an objection from a reader concerning chapter 18 of The Hermit of Scarecrow Valley:

She was soaking in a tub of hot water, and some
of that hot water had invaded her womb, both
stressing and preventing the fertilized egg from
implanting into her uterine wall. Now, as she
stood to get out of the tub and dry herself, the
water in her womb drained. Mother nature frowned
as that water carried the precious egg with it.

Sigh.... You're killing me, Bob. Cervical mucus acts
as a permeable plug. Sperm must swim through the
mucus to enter the uterus. The cervix and the
Fallopian tubes are primarily where sperm is
'stored' until an egg is released. If bathing
could prevent conception, douching would be a
successful form of birth control and people having
sex in water couldn't get pregnant. But of course,
douching doesn't work and people having sex in
water do get pregnant.

He is right about that. The mucus plug is there in a woman, and it represents a barrier to the entry of anything into the womb. Or the removal of anything from the womb. It is also true that the cervix is physically situated such that the head of a penis can't penetrate it. A finger can. You can feel the cervical lips with a finger and penetrate them, knocking out that mucus plug. But the head of a penis can't "spurt directly into the womb" as you will sometimes see in many erotic stories (including mine.)

But you don't read this stuff to get a biology lesson. You read erotica to get erotic feelings. And the license that authors use is intended to help you do that. If you're into impregnation, then sperm spurting directly into the womb is something you might like. Yes, it's "impossible" but that isn't the point. When the folks on NCIS shoot the crap out of things every week, that's "impossible" too. Any NCIS agent who got into more than two gunfights would be kicked out of the program, because some pencil pusher would decide he was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

But that's not why we watch NCIS ... now is it?

And in this particular situation, I wanted the girl to get un-pregnant without having a miscarriage or something. Why? Tension. So I could get her knocked up again later.

So yes, my description of events is all fucked up.