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Traveller - Entry 01

May 19, 2013
Posted at 11:34 pm

I've posted a new story called Traveller. I've read many time-travel/do-over stories on SOL over the years and, for the most part, I really liked them. There were a few things, though, that I just didn't like. Things like the emotional toll going back in time would have on a person. Most of the stories I've read just have the person accepting the time travel immediately. Some, which come with powers such as telepathy or what have you, have the character accepting not only the change in his life but the ability to do strange things. They were great stories but hardly realistic. I wanted to try my hand at this and make it as real and compelling as I could. The result is...Traveller.

I first had to come up with a mythos for a do-over. What and how would he go back in time. I'm a comic book buff and one of the coolest stories I've read is when Barry Allen - the Flash - races for a neutrino to stop some disaster. He runs so fast, he becomes pure energy and 'loops back' to the lightning bolt which gave him his powers in the first place. I thought that was an interesting plot device -- so I've used it here. Alex was hit by lightning when he was 7, I think. Chance was electrocuted in his bath tub. I don't think I'm giving anything away by pointing out the connection -- if you read the story, I think I made it much more obvious than I originally intended. Electricity, it isn't just for powering light bulbs any more.

There will be sex in this story. A metric ton of it. I just haven't got there yet. Sex should fit in a story instead of be the story. The former is good for reading. The latter is good for masturbation. I'm not against masturbation - I really LOVE masturbation, it's the fourth or fifth best type of sex you can have, after vaginal, oral, anal, armpit, titty-fuck, dry humping...okay, maybe it's the eighth or ninth best type of sex...somewhere in there - I just want to write a good story.

The prologue and Chapter 1 are posted and I'm writing chapter 2 now...well, no, I'm writing this blog now know what I mean. I'll post Chapter 2 as soon as I finish it...probably tomorrow, if I get time to finish it. If not, sometime later. It'll be more of Alex coping with the change so, still no sex yet. If you read it, the sex will come (or cum)...