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2013 Ektelon Nationals

May 14, 2013
Posted at 9:51 am
Updated: May 14, 2013 - 9:55 am

Tomorrow is the beginning of the 2013 Ektelon National Singles Racquetball Championships in Fullerton, CA. You can follow the competition at As of this writing, the brackets haven't been posted yet, but you can follow them daily by clicking the brackets and results links.

This presents a bit of a problem for me. The timeline has crossed. I wrote the chapter in "The Prodigal" that talks about the Nationals (Chapter 10) several months ago. This is the first event that will have actual results that might conflict with what I've written. Well, that's the breaks.

For example, this year will be the first in several years in which the championship matches--specifically the IRT Pro Championships--will not be played in the Lucite Exhibition Court. There are no explanations on the site as to why they aren't using this court that always plays such a big part in the story of Tony's competitions. "You have to really not see the walls."

When I wrote chapter 10, I had no idea that the court wouldn't be used, and still don't know who is going to win in any division. I have no intention of editing it out to make it consistent with what really happens.

That's not the first time I've taken broad liberties with the sport in the interest of the story. For example, in "Model Student" Tony plays in the Nationals in Chicago. The Nationals have never been held in Chicago. They were in Houston during Tony's first year of competition. Who cares?

I suppose I could have made up entire events and never mentioned some of the real players on the Pro circuit, like Rocky Carson, Rhonda Radsich, Paola Longoria, Kane Waselenchuk, and others, but these players are so important to the sport that not having them in the story simply wouldn't work.

So, enjoy the story and if you are really interested in racquetball, watch for the results coming out of Fullerton. Follow @usaracquetball and @ektelon on Twitter. #racquetball