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New writing Entries and Info

May 13, 2013
Posted at 7:23 am

The year 2013 saw some changes because I had made a resolution to only put new stories on a single site. I am changing that intent because It was too restrictive. The bulk of my stories are on shortfiction but I have quite a few on this site. Because of the two year maximum posting limit on this blog I have back-upped my blog here by duplicating on the Wordpress site. It is really a history of my writing thoughts about the stories and how they come about. My most recent story posted here is called "Fiona Visits the Pyramids" It is actually the fifth story in that series about a 65 year old liberated female with serious intent to experience every kinky activity missed in 30 years of married life to a disinterested partner. It was instigated by a lengthy comment letter from a reader of the previous chapters who had experienced some very satisfying orgasms. The reader described the details of a memorable trip to Egypt that entailed the extensive use of every opening by dark-skinned native guides often in front of a number of on-lookers. I felt compelled to answer the request to make that the next scenario for the delightful "Fiona" to exhibit her female goodies in a shameless display of total depravity. Her stamina is amazing. HL