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ANON feedback.

May 5, 2013
Posted at 7:45 pm
Updated: May 5, 2013 - 7:51 pm

Have just checked my Saxon account for the first time in ages! (having been writing elsewhere). So, it's taken me a long time to acknowledge this generous and thoughtful feedback I got from 2 people:

1) the guy who said my 'Love From The Stars' was typically brilliant.

2) I remember reading an article in The Economist a
> few years ago about the potential, soon to be
> realized, for creating life-like robots, cyborgs,
> if you will. Out of the blue, the writer of
> article cautioned: there is danger that small
> child cyborgs might be purchased by pedophiles.
> I thought then how silly that was. People should
> want pedophiles to be drawn to robots and not
> children. But to the moralizers of the
> marketplace, that was a bad thing. Of course,
> fucking over whole countries through naked
> financial power and subverting the way of life of
> whole peoples was fine. That's just capitalism and
> we know how much worse every other system is by
> comparison.
> What does it say about Western society that in an
> article seemingly unrelated to the subject, the
> author is thinking about pedophilia?
> Would that your optimistic story could come true!
> The sad reality is that because of religion,
> greed, violence, and fear, mankind doesn't have a
> future and deserves none.

All I, Saxon, can say to no.2 above is 'here here!' (although I hope the last bit is a little too pessimistic). Also I invite this anon, and anyone else, to read my new story 'The Asian Protege' which deals with further hypocrisies of our modern age. May take a day or 2 to appear, due to tinkering with it's final Censorship Rating so to speak.