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May 4, 2013
Posted at 6:08 pm

I didn't write this week.

Well, not totally true. Chapter 7 of Where Friendship Leads got some finishing touches Monday, after which it sat with my busy editor until Thursday. The next chapter, though, is untouched. All I have is an opening scene that originally was part of chapter 8. The problem isn't writers block. No. I just haven't sat down to write. My mind is on other things.

The story, I think, will be ending soon. It has been a fun one, neither loved nor, really, hated (only one anti-gay rating). The characters are starting to resist me, though, their way of saying it's time to move on. I most likely will park them somewhere, bringing current matters to a conclusion with the future open. Heck, I can do that this chapter.

What next, then?

As I took my evening walk last night, an idea came to me. A fun one. Not fun, as in readers will love this. No, fun as in I will enjoy it. Not a long story, most likely, but probably a few chapters.

Tentative title: A Follower of Shaddai.

Anyone who knows that reference, contact me and you can help research this sucker :)