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Global Warming and other fiction

May 4, 2013
Posted at 12:43 pm

Record-breaking low temperatures down here. In South Louisiana, that's the lower forties, right there in my personal favorite temperature range.

Commenter "Jake" writes:

One of the few stories here that consistently gets
an ear-2-ear grin from me while I shake my

My reply:

That's what I'm shooting for. I got tired of reading something until I got a point where I went "Ewwwww! Are there really people that disgusting?"

Escapism. yeah, I know. I get enough positive comments to think that I might be taking care of a niche.

I've got two-thirds of a chapter of 'Brenda' out there in the Cloud. May just drag that up when I finish the current chapter of 'Melodic Redemption'.

Enjoy your springtime.