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Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Mystery

May 3, 2013
Posted at 10:10 am

I was just kidding. Sort of. I was working on writing competition critiques and joking with another judge that there was an awful lot of genre-mashing going on. What will we see next? I said, "How about an erotic paranormal romance set partly in the old west and partly present day in which a time traveler uses the combined information to solve a mystery?" We all laughed.

Then, dang it if the idea didn't start to take hold in my head and not let me go. There isn't a word written yet, but I'm thinking when I hit the road in August and start touring the country, this might be the way I entertain myself--and you. Then I'll have to figure out which SOL category to tag it with!

Speaking of travel, my plans to leave life, safety, and security behind and become a roving gypsy are progressing well--and faster than I imagined possible. I have purchased a black F150 with enough towing power to haul my life around with me. I've ordered a 17' travel trailer that will arrive around the end of May. From that point, I'll be moving my remaining possessions out of my house and into my nomadic caravan. By August 10, I expect to be on the road. If you are located along any of my routes in the next year or two, I'd love to meet you! From mid-August until mid-October, I will be generally following and deviating from U.S. Route 95 from Canada to Mexico. From approximately mid-October to early spring, I'll be following U.S. Route 60 from LA to Virginia Beach, VA. More news to come!

I'm currently working on what I think is the last chapter of "The Prodigal," chapter 16. I have a lot of territory to cover in this chapter, so it might get broken into two, or a last chapter and epilog. But I'm happy to be resolving all the various plot lines and kissing my beautiful characters goodbye.

I got an interesting email the other day from a reader who said this one just isn't doing it for him like the previous two volumes. I understand. In fact, the drop in readership numbers and email responses would indicate that he is not alone. I think, based on some of the other stories I've read on SOL that it's hard to maintain interest in characters, either as a reader or a writer, and not fall into the trap of being repetitive. How many times can Kate pass out during orgasm? How many times can Tony wake up with his cock wedged between Lissa's butt cheeks? How many times can Tony paint the best thing he's ever done, and to what music? How many times can he come close to winning the big competition? And the big one--how often does he have to be moved to tears?

I think the story is still there and that the character interest is still there, but we're all getting to the point of wanting to know how it turns out. That's one reason this one is only sixteen (or seventeen) chapters long--though that doesn't mean it's short. It will top out at around 155-160,000 words and "Triptych" part two at 32 chapters was only 206,000. I'm trying to make sure each chapter is close to 10,000 words since I'm only posting once a week.

I'm not saying there will never be another story set in the Model Student universe. I'm still intrigued by Amy's story, especially as she gets deeper into Roller Derby. I've got a couple friends on the local teams and they've expressed some interest in helping with my research. And though they've been pretty much in the background, the Oregon Trips have an interesting story to tell that I might explore sometime in the future. It's going to be a lot shorter, though. (Yeah. Right.)

Until then, I think I'll tinker with my Erotic Paranormal Romance Western Mystery.