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Breathing again

April 30, 2013
Posted at 12:03 pm

Sorry about that. I never told you to go ahead and take a breath.


Anybody who looked around has seen the changes in my author page, in terms of what's available to everybody and what isn't. In the agreement we're trying out, I'm going to provide something for each group of readers.

I've been working on a book, or a novel, or a long story, whichever you want to call it. The way that typically works is that I write for days on the book, and then take a break by working on one or more shorter ideas. What that usually means is that, when the book is ready for proofreading and editing, there are two or three shorter works that are pretty close to being ready too. And since they don't take as much time to finish and polish, they're usually ready to go before the book is.

That happened this time.

The book will be called The Hermit of Scarecrow Valley. It's 22 or so chapters and is in editing right now.

So, next Monday I'm going to post another Dick and Jane Randy Reader, and then Tuesday I'll post a stroke story called Family Pool Party. Then, if The Hermit is ready, I'll start posting that at the rate of a chapter a day or so. If it isn't ready, I'll wait until the following Monday to start that. That one will be posted in what I call "original" or "SOL" format, which means people under the age of 18 get to have sex. Lazeez, and SOL are one of the few quality venues who publish quality (and perfectly legal) stories in which teenagers explore things sexual.

What that means is that as soon as it's posted, and you've had a chance to say what you want to say, I'll make the changes required and publish the "polite" version at Amazon and The SOL copy will then go to the premier members list. So if you want permanent access to that an other Lubrican books in the original formats, a premier membership is the way to go.

The version you can show your mother will be available at Smashwords. (grin)

Thanks for reading.