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Finding my books on Amazon and other brain-dead technology

April 24, 2013
Posted at 11:00 pm

It was brought to my attention that searching for my name on Amazon (Devon Layne) would yield only four of my five books. Mural, the first book in the Model Student series, is strangely missing. Instead, Linda Layne's novel Scream is listed because there is a character named "Devon" on page 159. Sheesh!

I clicked on my name to go to Amazon's Author Central page and only three of my books were listed. Well, one of them was Mural at least. When I searched for "Model Student Devon Layne" all five books show up. Here's that link:

I've checked through all the book information and it's all identical from book to book. I did manage to update my Author Central page to get all five books listed. All the books are $.99. And thanks to the couple hundred of you who have purchased a book to show your appreciation. I know you read them for free here and I'm not going to take them down, so thanks for your vote of confidence.

I bought a Ford truck with "Sych" in it. I had to register it and in order to do so, I had to "name my device." My truck now has a name.

I can't pay my car payment with my credit card.

I can only pay my cell phone bill with my personal credit card and can only charge gas on my business card. Kind of opposite what I would normally do.

I took a nice printer and two big hard drives to Goodwill because I didn't want to wait around the house for someone from Craig's list to offer me ten dollars.

I took a $140 textbook to Half Price books and they offered me $6.

On the other hand, I went to the local art supply store to check out the various pigments and supplies Tony would need for his next big project in "The Prodigal." I told the sales clerk about the story and she got all excited and wanted to know if she could help and where it was going to be painted.

There's a big difference between fiction and life. Fiction has to be believable.