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Balance of the Rose is complete

April 18, 2013
Posted at 1:14 pm

The title says it all!

I am shifting back to Andor with the next story. I have a basic framework and a couple of chapters done. This started out as a request to write a story about someone's character and I have been playing with it since last summer. I put it away to concentrate on BotR and then scraped and rewrote the framework to include events that were not complete at the middle of Prince of the Rose. It now not only has the character but it also continues various threads left hanging. It has characters you know from before and the working title is March of the Rose, which might give a clue about who the main characters are. I don't have a timeline but I rather liked finishing the story and then sending it off to editing. I have already tentatively booked him for the end of Summer to start editing, I hope.