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Changes to "The Catalyst"

April 16, 2013
Posted at 8:39 pm
Updated: April 16, 2013 - 8:40 pm

Now that I'm getting closer, I've got news about what's happening with my "The Catalyst" series. Due to space limits here, I'll post details on my Discussion Group, found at:!forum/the-catalyst-discussion-group

The rewrite of the first book is turning out to be more extensive than I'd first thought. Here's the breakdown on the stories in the(revised) "Catalyst" series:

1) An Unknown Attraction - New Title! (Major rewrite - progressing nicely)

2) Trying To Be Normal (Split into 2 books - little actual changes)

3) Normalcy Is Harder Than It Looks (few actual revisions)

4) Racing The Clock

5) Touring Under Pressure

6) Building a Legacy (First draft almost completed--after extensive delays)

I'm planning to release the first book shortly after "Grappling" finishes (crossing my fingers!). I'll post "An Unknown Attraction" at my standard one chapter/month (just to give me time for work on the other books). After that, Books 2 & 3 will remain largely unchanged, so I'll post that two chapters each week (Tues/Thurs). I'll decide whether to rewrite Books 4 & 5 (which I'd like to 'clean up', but it depends upon the response to Book 1 (if there's enough continued interest in the story to warrant it). Unless I get involved in another major rewrite (instead of merely cutting out major segments), I plan to continue twice a week postings.

That will give me time to finish, revise and clean up Book 6 (the one you've all been waiting for). And I'll dedicate the time it takes to post that one to write "Great Death 3".