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Chapter 134

April 16, 2013
Posted at 4:27 pm

Several people caught a few date typos in 133, specifically 1982/1992. Ooops. Fixed it. There were enough complaints I did a quick edit & reposted the chapter. Thanks.

For the readers who commented that a single 60 Minutes episode wouldn't be enough to fix the problem - of course not! Never said it would. I hope you're happy now.

Could the recall to active duty and court-martial actually occur? Actually, in theory, yes. Carl has certainly completed his active duty commitment, and his medical retirement wipes out his inactive commitment. However, generally speaking you are an officer for life, unless you actually resign your commission, and are thus theoretically subject to recall. Historically a number of retired officers have voluntarily asked for recall, usually during wars, to help. I think we can safely say that Carl wouldn't have resigned his commission. In any case, while it might be far-fetched, it would be possible.

Chapter 134 is the end of Book 6. Do we get a repeat of what happened in Carl's first life, with Gore recanting his conciliation, or did Bush actually win? What would a Bush Presidency look like with Carl around instead of Cheney? Momentous times are ahead for Carl and the nation, and Carl will be going to a very dark place.

There will be a lengthy hiatus while I work on Book 7. It will realistically take a minimum of 2-3 months before I can start publishing. I know some of you won't want to hear that, so I have a website for you to visit. Check http://www.dial-a-prayer.com/ to learn what you can do to help get the next chapters published.